Deadmau5’s Facebook, Twitter And iPhone “Hacked” By Anonymous As April Fools Prank

deadmau5 twitter hack

Professional internet trolls (h4x0rs) Anonymous decided to pull a fast one on professional dick (musician) who makes $800K a night filling in for Avicii and trolls on the side Deadmau5’s Twitter account. And by pulling a fast one, I mean hacked. They hacked it. AND, they also f*cked with his Facebook, this is too good. They’ve changed profile pics, sent out random tweets, took his followers down to just 1. And in case you were wondering, word is he used the same password for both Facebook and Twitter. Update! Andddd they’ve gotten his phone too.

Anyone else think it’s starting to look like both parties are just trolling us all?



deadmaut facebook 3

deadmau5 facebook hack

deadmau5 facebook hack 2

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