Taco Bell President Says Canada Will Get Breakfast “When You Take Justin Bieber Back”


Back to back articles on Canadians? What? First we have Deadmau5 trolling, and now, Bieber is once again making headlines. But for once it’s one you will surely enjoy.

As everyone that’s not living under a rock knows, Taco Bell has introduced a breakfast menu with the help of a few dozen Ronald McDonalds. Well in an effort to reach those 3 people that haven’t yet heard of the menu addition, Taco Bell president Brian Niccol held a reddit AMA as Huff Post points out. In said AMA he of course introduced the breakfast menu and answers questions of his choosing.

One question? “Only to America? When is this coming to Canada?” To which Mr. Niccol perfectly responded with “When you take Justin Bieber back.” How. Perfect. Was. That?


Has anyone tried the breakfast yet?

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