[FITA Exclusive] Tray Jack – Old School [Free Download]

Tray Jack has been quiet lately, but consider this the calm before the storm. #TrayJackThursdays will become something you are going to want to shift your attention to ASAP. The east coast hip-hop prodigy has a plethora of tracks and other surprises in the hopper and this is just the beginning. His latest release, Full Blast, grabbed my attention. From singing the hook, to spitting fluent verses, and an addictive beat to match I just knew Tray had something special in store for all of us.

Now, the time has come for all of Tray’s hard work to shine. We at FITA are proud to bring to you exclusively, Old School, the first of many tracks Tray will be offering up on Thursdays in the near future. If you are digging this track, vibe out to all of his past releases, give him the thumbs up on Facebook.

Download: [FITA Exclusive] Tray Jack – Old School

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