Matisyahu Announces New Album ‘Akeda,’ Releases Single “Watch The Walls Melt Down”

Matisyahu has sure changed a lot since the days of “One Day,” “King Without A Crown” and “Time Of Your Song” (my favorite of his). And I’m not just talking about chopping off his beard. As you can see with “Watch The Walls Melt Down” his music has morphed as well. The easiest way of putting it, he sounds more like a rapper, but still with a noticeable amount of reggae and hasidic swag. Yes, I just said hasidic swag.

One thing, though, definitely hasn’t changed. The Jewish theme through his music. This single release comes with the announcement of his next album Akeda – which references the story where Abraham was asked by G-d to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Should be interesting to see how the album is shaped around this. The album will be out June 3rd, and when you pre-order it today, you get “Watch The Walls Melt Down” instantly.

Pre-order: Matisyahu – Akeda (Album)

Check Akeda Cover Art + Hear “Reservoir”:


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