Bebe Rexha’s debut single “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” is raw, sexy and stunning

Does this voice sound familiar? It may not ring a bell to some or most of you, but Bebe Rexha first received mad attention when she was featured on Cash Cash‘s hit single Take Me Home. Oh and she wrote this one song called The Monster by Eminem. If that is any inclination into how talented this chick is… I would say just hit the play button and be amazed. Plus the production from The Monsters & Strangerz is stellar.

The track begins in almost-acoustic mode before shifting gears into angry Kelly Clarkson pop/rock as Bebe drinks away the pain of a bad break-up. But then the song really takes flight when the mammoth electronic breakdown strikes. It’s raw, refreshing and different.

Bebe is the next big thing in the pop world and you should jump on the bandwagon while there is still room.

Heart on Hypem: Bebe Rexha – I Can’t Stop Drinking About You

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