Gareth Emery’s ‘Drive’ Album Will Be Incredible: Preview, Check The Tracklist & Pre-Order Now

Back in October 2013, Gareth Emery told us that his “upcoming 2014 album will not feature trap, dubstep, drops or “that sound” we’ve heard in about 10000 EDM tracks this year.” He was right.

Some of my favorite electroni dance music over the last few years has been trance influenced, incorporating just enough of “today’s” sound to hit the masses, but keeping the entrancing, heartfelt beauty of the music at the forefront. The likes of Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, and more have set the stage for Gareth Emery’s Drive album to have a massive global release.

You can get a great sence for the project with 8 (of 12) previews above, including the previously released “Lights & Thunder” with Krewella and “U” with Bo Bruce. Since you can now pre-order Drive, Gareth made the bonus track, “Layers,” available for instant download when you make the $9.99 commitment. After the jump, you’ll find a the full tracklist as well as some descriptions for a few key tracks. Out April 1st on his own label Garuda!

Pre-order: Gareth Emergy – Drive (Album)

See what Gareth had to say about each song, and see the full tracklist:.

01. Entrada
02. Dynamite (Ft. Christina Novelli)
03. Eye of the Storm (Ft. Gavin Beach)

“Really quite proud of this one. The song and lyrics were written by Roxanne and I’ll been in love with the track for a long time, but finding a vocalist initially was quite hard – none of the singers we tried worked.

Eventually we found Gavin singing covers on YouTube, got him into the studio, and were blown away by how he made the song his own, especially as it was his first time ever singing on a track. Really love the final result and going to be getting some serious remixes done down the line for this one!”

04. Javelin (Ft. Ben Gold)

“This was the first track completed for Drive. We wrote it in my Manchester studio over 4 rainy days and it’s been a feature in both of our sets since then as a long standing ID.

Interestingly, it was originally written as the backing track for a vocal. We tried a lot of different singers, but eventually arrived at the conclusion that it was best left alone (or best left to DJs to add their own!).”

05. Beautiful Rage (Ft. LJ Ayrten)

“I love working with vocalists that haven’t done dance music before, and have introduced a few of them to the electronic world over the years, most notably Christina Novelli with Concrete Angel.

LJ Ayrten is firmly from the acoustic singer songwriter camp and after hearing her Deep Down Rebel EP last year, I knew she would be amazing on an electronic track, I just needed to find the right one!

The instrumental here was a quirky string-heavy progressive number that I’d been kicking around for a few years and liked a lot, but I felt it needed something more, so I fired it over to LJ who immediately came back with this super laid back ethereal vocal which I knew on first listen was the perfect match for the track. LJ: welcome to the world of electronic music!”

06. Million Years (Ft. Asia)

“Proper international effort here. The original demo of this was done in a hotel room in Thailand, and I just couldn’t stop playing it – I guess it’s a little commercial sounding but super catchy and just put a big smile on my face every time I played it.

About a year later when I was back in the US, my management had Asia write this awesome vocal for it, and I finished it up in November 2013 at Everland Studios in Sydney in my week off between Stereosonic shows.

It was actually pretty tough dragging myself to the studio each morning when everyone else on the tour seemed to be partying and enjoying a week’s holiday in Australia, but I was a month from my deadline so did what I had to do! Listening back now I’m glad I stuck with it.”

07. Firebird
08. Soldier (Ft. Roxanne Emery)
09. Lights & Thunder (Ft. Krewella) [Out Now]
10. U (Ft. Bo Bruce) [Out Now]
11. Long Way Home

“I wanted this to be the first track from Drive I shared with you all not because it’s the biggest or the best, but because it’s probably my personal favourite.

The album was basically inspired by a road trip I took with my wife from New York to Los Angeles last year, taking in Route 66 and numerous ghost towns, deserts, mountain passes, dirt roads etc, and I came up with the melody for this one towards the end, somewhere in the Mojave Wilderness as we finally made it into California, the setting sun of the West in the distance. A long way from home, and still fairly far from our final destination, but the end was in sight. And that’s the moment the track basically came to describe. It isn’t really a club banger, or a club track. It’s just something I felt like writing.

Anyway – enough deep shit. Still feels slightly surreal to be sharing this body of work after waiting so long. More soon.”

12. Layers (Bonus Track)

“If you pre-order Drive on iTunes now, you can instantly download the full version of Layers! And if you’ve already pre-ordered it, Layers should already be available for download. Hopefully this should keep you going until April 1st!”

13. Drive (Continuous Mix)

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