Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices (Social Status Remix) [Free Download]

There’s no deying that Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices” is a musical work of art. There’s a reason it trended on Twitter in a matter of hours. It’s also surprising that there aren’t a bajillion remixes of it already. But there was no way we weren’t going to get all sorts of takes on it soon enough.

First up (at least on FITA), is Social Status, who aims to keep as much of the original intact while putting his own spin on it. Now, “Sea of Voices” is even more uplifting with some powerful orchestral vibes and turned-up-just-enough progressive tunage.

Download: Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices (Social Status Remix)

Oh… and… be on the lookout for another exclusive remix of this gem tomorrow, it’s wild ;)

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