Krewella – Enjoy The Ride (Vicetone + Armin Van Buuren Remixes)

Just yesterday I was going to get mail in my apartment complex and some sexy blonde chick rolls by in a car obviously purchased by mommy and daddy. But to her credit was blaring “Enjoy The Ride” (which earned my respect back, especially in Georgia where EDM travels very slowly, cue Animals). I then proceeded to yell out Krew – ELLA in my best European DJ voice, to acknowledge the greatness of her song selection. Coincidentally Krewella heard my calls and released two huge remixes from Vicetone & Armin Van Buuren. Don’t worry I will find that girl and drive by her with all 4 windows down and sun roof, and make sure she knows that I have even cooler and more newer versions of one of her favorites.

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