Kanye West Interviewed On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Also Performs Compilation Of His Classic Tracks

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I know right? We haven’t had much Kanye West news recently but Yeezy was on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight. Also look how how happy Kanye looks in the picture above, poor Seth. West spoke to Meyers about wrapping up the Yeezus Tour, fashion, and his family. My favorite quote of the night from Kanye though was, “Everything in the world is exactly the same.” I then wanted Seth to bring out Amy Poehler again so they could do a “Really?!” segment. Really Kanye? Words just come out of his mouth and I feel like he tries to put them together to make something smart and it just comes out all wrong and jumbled. Check out the interview below after the jump and enjoy watching Kanye say ish like, “Life is life.” …facepalm.

Stay tuned for an update with Kanye’s musical performance as well!

Watch Seth Meyer’s Interview With Kanye West

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