Shad Robinson – Face Is Fact (Album) [Free Download]

Before I get into my quick write up on this album, let me preface my comments by saying that this project dropped exactly a month ago. In the world of music blogs, it’s typically blasphemy to even think of posting a song or album that’s more than a week old. I often abide by this unwritten rule, but this album is well deserving to be an exception.

Free Download: Shad Robinson – Face Is Fact (Album)

Shad Robinson is an up & comer from Sylmar, CA who has already had the honor of gracing the stage alongside names like Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, Jay Rock, and more. On top of having an immense amount of talent when it comes to his writing and his flow, he’s one of the most humble and down to earth artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

His second album ‘Face Is Fact’ is much darker and more introspective piece than his introductory album ‘1989’. This dark vibe is resonant throughout the entire album and really shows Shad’s versatility when compared to his previous work. The lyrics are top notch, thought provoking, and deep. He has both a rapid-fire delivery and a slowed, calm flow both in his arsenal that he displays nicely. This project is meant to be listened all together, it’s not the top 40 artist album that you check out on iTunes for the 2 hit singles that are being overplayed on radio. This is hip-hop in it’s rawest and purest form, and it deserves exposure. In an era where up & coming artists only strive to make club bangers and something that’ll be hot for a few months before fizzling out, Shad Robinson releases an album reminiscent of what Hip-Hop was all about in the Golden Era in years prior. If you’re looking for an album that really tells a story, has actual meaning, and is just an overall dope project, then look no further.

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