Afrojack – Musician (Original Mix) [Out Now]

I don’t “hate” on artists or releases too much (in public), but, what in the world is this? I’ve been a fan of Afrojack‘s older work and even his new single “Ten Feet Tall” (I’ve probably played it 30-40 times), but this “Musician” release just confuses me. Why is it called “Musician” when it sounds more like nails scratching a chalkboard rather than, well, music? Now, is it horrible? Nah of course not. Is it different, even unique? Yes I’d say so. Maybe it’s just me, but this song does nothing for me. It probably doesn’t help that my first full listen of this was at 1 AM on a Tuesday night after not sleeping much at all the last two weeks launching (shameless plug of the day), but I guess lets let the ratings tell the full story, so sound off below. I’ll probably give this another listen tomorrow but something tells me my opinion may not change.

Ask yourself this, what would you think of this track if Afrojack wasn’t attached to the name?

Beatport: Afrojack – Musician (Original Mix)

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