The RAPport 2/13 (Ft. Shelton Harris, Splyt, Johnny Astro & TJ Hickey) [Vol. 4]


We took a week off to bring you a jam packed, high quality, off-the-hook, RAPport for you this week. We have all parts of the USA represented just like the Olympics this week. Starting from in the West (because we all know that’s the best coast) is Shelton Harris’s track “Feel It Now.” Produced by Tyler Dopps, it’s a solid track from the Seattle natives. Next up is Colorado, represented by Splyt. His track “All For Nothing” is off his upcoming EP, and will make crave some summertime vibes. Johhny Astro, a rapper from Texas, gives a song titled “Runway” and you’ll have to grab this chill download.

This week also we have a few music videos after the jump and one that really stuck out was one from TJ Hickey, who reps New England. His visuals for his new track “Blackout” are pretty dope and they deserve a look after the jump. And the video/song from Russ, “Goodbye” is hella dope as well.

Other notable tracks and music videos this week come from artists like Azad Right, Keith Masters, Alex Jordahl, Hendersin, Ryan Oakes, Kyle Bent, Cal Scruby, Tre Redeau, Russ and more!


Download: Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps – Feel It Now

Download: Splyt – All For Nothing Ft. Abby Kirchoff

Download: Rokamouth & A La $ole – Dirty Dancing (Feat. Jean Deaux) (Prod. Powers Pleasant)

Download: Alex Jordahl – I’m Up

Download: Hendersin – Only Time

Download: Jetpack Jones – You Got Soul

Download: Kyle Bent – The Modern Love Story

Download: Luke Christopher – Marty McFly

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!