– The Next Big Thing In Music, Is A Social Music Network


What’s up everyone, Misha here (founder, CEO, w/e you want to call it), with a huge announcement. As many of you may already know, the last couple of years my partner Giovanni and I have been diligently working on a brand new website. Now before you start panicking, don’t worry, FITA isn’t going anywhere (but up).

But this new site, will be bigger. Much bigger. A GAME CHANGER. The next big thing in music. A social Music Network.


It is a revolutionary new music platform where ANYONE can signup and post ANYTHING music related.

Sign up as a fan, artist, label, website, brand, promoter, etc. with verified accounts. Post anything from YouTube, Soundcloud, blog links, Instagram links, etc. Then the community interacts by “bumping” posts, commenting, favoriting (like repost/retweet), and sharing the link!

And bmpur shows everyone what’s hot right now. You can learn more about how this new discovery engine came about after the jump.

And all of this will be available to EVERYONE on Tuesday, February 18th with our official launch. Now, we’re currently in open beta, so you are more than welcome to sign up now, but we would really love for you to join us during our launch party!

WHEN: Tuesday, February 18th @ 8:00 PM
WHERE: Using a live stream!
WHO: bmpur, LooKas, Popeska, an opener TBD (CONTEST BELOW!!) & of course FITA
RSVP: Facebook Event

This event will also be the beginning of our bi weekly series, #TURNTUPTUESDAY with LooKas x Mixify, co sponsored by bmpur and FITA! Taking #TrapTuesday To The Top. Yes, I just beasted up that alliteration.

And Popeska will be doing a WORLD PREMIERE of his brand new single “Heart Of Glass” which you can preview now!

And finally, we will be holding a CONTEST FOR AN OPENER TO THE LAUNCH PARTY! Rules are simple.

1) Sign up for bmpur.
2) Post a sample mix of yours, at least 30 minutes, on the site using a Soundcloud link. MAKE SURE TO TAG IT WITH TURNTUPTUESDAYS218
3) Get everyone to “bump up” your post! Most bumps come Monday (Feb 17th) night, WINS!


That’s it! Oh, and RSVP to the Facebook event if you can please! Thanks everyone.


So much music is being created and shared every second across so many different platforms. Whether you are a content creator or simply a fan of music; whether you use YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, blogs, or any other platform; it is just impossible to keep track of everything.

And that’s where bmpur (pronounced “bumper”) comes in.

You to spend time actually listening to music rather than searching for it.

We make it super easy to discover and share music you make and music you like.

Tastemakers are great. But why limit it self proclaimed experts? You know what you like. So you’re a tastemaker too. Power of the people.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!