Filtercrush Release Official Remix of Demi Lovato’s “Neon Lights” as They Begin to Rebrand


The due trio duo Filtercrush had a very, very quick rise in 2013. So quick that less than a year of public production under their belts, they already have support from Tiesto, Thomas Gold, Deniz Koyu, TyDi, Carnage, Danny Avila, and Cash Cash. And they were asked to officially remix Demi Lovoato‘s “Neon Lights” and damn did they do one hell of an upbeat, progressive job.

But it looks like you may have to wait a little bit for their next release. Filtercrush are rebranding. They want to reinvent themselves as both a brand and artists. They want to bring something completely different to the table and do not want to get caught up in the mainstream dance music marketplace. And they will be doing so with two members after bringing in a third not too long ago. So be on the lookout for a new name and an announcement, which will be introduced when they wrap up their next official track!

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