Martellus Bennett – Year Of The Orange Dinosaur (Mixtape) [Free Download]


Anyone in our audience who watches football more than likely knows Martellus Bennett, especially if they’re a Bears fan such as myself. He’s the starting Tight End for the Chicago Bears who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, and he posts hilarious tweets. However, something a lot of people didn’t know is that he raps, and he does it really well. His brand new mixtape, titled Year Of The Orange Dinosaur, is a 17-track gem that shows how multi-talented Marty really is. Every single track of this mixtape bangs, and the production is next level. Bennett considers himself an all-around creative individual rather than a rapper, but it’s safe to say that anyone who listens to Year Of The Orange Dinosaur hopes there’s more music to come from the Black Unicorn.

“A collection of songs that I’ve done over the years. I just felt like sharing em with the world as i celebrate my creative freedom. Enjoy.”

Download: Martellus Bennett – Year Of The Orange Dinosaur (Mixtape)

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