Madeon Will Release “At Least Eleven” New Songs, Album In 2014

madeon new album 2014

Madeon had one hell of a 2013. With only a few releases under his belt, he still managed to take the EDM world by storm with his original, story telling production, and of course his secret codes and messages. He humbly took to Facebook to start 2014, and in it he mentioned that he stopped touring for a few months to work on his album and that although he’s going to miss touring, he’s really excited and inspired to be creating.

And while creating, he seems to have resurrected his Tumblr profile he created 3 years ago but never used, and will be posting “stuff I can’t really post anywhere else.” His first key use of the site, was a mini Q&A. And in it, he states that he will release “at least eleven” new songs, and explicitly says:

“Madeon album this year. Working on it as we speak.”

This. Is. Fantastic. News. He is one of the most creative electronic musicians around and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

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