The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE (Official Music Video)

I have no doubt in my mind that The Chainsmokers are going to blow the f*ck up in 2014. They are already up there, and the release of #SELFIE with Dim Mak definitely takes them into the big leagues, but there is going to be so much more. I know it. The video for the track is super creative and features “cameos” from artists you may recognize.

“When we were creating this video we wanted to gather as many #SELFIE’s as we could from friends, fans, celebrities and other types that were willing to take part, so we put in a call for action and received thousands of amazing #SELFIES from so many amazing and funny ppl. We tried to pack in as many as possible, so try find yourself, and if you don’t at first, try watch it again and pls comment and share the video!

Also make sure to make your own #LETMETAKEASELFIE videos and upload them! Just follow the LINKS at the end of the Music Video or use this link here:

iTunes: The Chainsmoker – #SELFIE

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