Justin Bieber Facing Assault Charge & Ongoing Petition to Deport Him Has Well Exceeded 100,000 Signatures, White House Must Reply


So I had this drafted yesterday without knowing that the kid turned himself into Toronto police yesterday evening for an assault charge on a limo drvier back in December. I can’t stop laughing.

With the State of the Union address behind Mr. Obama now he can shift his attention to the next highest priority…… To deport or not to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada?!?!?

Earlier in the week Rolling Stone mentioned that the petition hit 70,000 and was snowballing quickly. Well, now that time has come. The White House is required to take action on petitions that reach 100,000 John Hancocks. Not only has it done that… IT HAS DOUBLED! Over 200k signatures now!

However, it may take weeks, even months for the members of congress to get to the petition according to the Washington Times.

Believe it or not there is also a petition out there to keep Justin Bieber in the country. I think he is losing Beliebers. Less than 2k signatures on that one currently and only has till February 24th to get another 97,000.

I hate how this makes headlines, but god damn it I love how entertaining this really is.

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