Beats Music Debuts New Online Streaming Service In The U.S.


Yesterday, the team who brought you the $1.5 billion company Beats Electronics, dropped their new subscription streaming service Beats Music.

Led by Jimmy Iovine, a major industry recording engineer, producer and music executive, who’s track record ranges from John Lennon to Lady Gaga, Beats Music is looking to give platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple’s iTunes Radio a run for their money.

The goal of Beats Music is to bring a human touch back to the digital music streaming market. According to The New York Times, Beats executives say the main difference is in the algorithms:

“these systems inevitably fail because they rely too heavily on computer algorithms and because the people behind them just misunderstand music.–Beats uses algorithms, too, as part of how it customizes the songs it sends users based on their profiles and listening habits. The difference, Beats executives say, is that their service makes greater use of its editors and guest programmers like Rolling Stone, Rap Radar and Pitchfork, and only recommends the good stuff.”

In terms of royalties, the Beats Music team differentiates themselves from Spotify by not offering a free service option. The application can be accessed by paid subscription only, and they plan to draw in users with heavy marketing tactics. They closed a deal with AT&T to offer user mobility, as well as have a planned Super Bowl XLVIII commercial and plugs on The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show. These are of course alongside the “Hear What You Want” campaign commercials that have already been airing.

See how Beats Music measures up, get your subscription anywhere in the U.S. now and check out the most recent a spin-off promo of Richard Sherman silencing his critics after the jump!

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