Neon Trees New Single ‘Sleeping With A Friend’ Is Their “Biggest Sounding Song To Date”

And the hits just keep on coming. #MusicMonday. From the group who brought the respective hits “Animal” and “Everybody Talks” off 2012’s Picture Show, Neon Trees have released a new single as an ode to friends with benefits.

This will be the first song off the bands next album which is slated for delivery on April 22nd and here is what frontman Tyler Glenn had to say about it.

“Sonically speaking it’s our biggest-sounding song to date. That is probably because I was listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel’s So record. Those pop songs of his are so huge and great. However, this record is a lot more personal in nature overall. I mean, how much more personal can you get than sex? This is not a sex song the way ‘Blurred Lines’ is… It’s the kind of sex song that isn’t this S&M, Rihanna-fueled fantasy world, but something a lot more intimate and therefore dangerous.”

Catch em on Jimmy Fallon on the 16th and The Today Show the day after.

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