[FITA Exclusive] Kaskade – Room For Happiness (Dropwizz Remix) [Free Download]

Kaskade - Room For Happiness (Dropwizz Remix)

In this remix that I have the pleasure of introducing to all of you today, Dropwizz takes on Kaskade‘s, “Room For Happiness.” He begins with a light, vocal-driven intro that builds into a beautiful melodic trap drop which is what immediately caught my attention during my first listen. From there, the remix is led into a piano-backed vocal verse which then transitions into the second build; this time the build takes on a heavier tone, dropping into a festival trap beat that holds onto the earlier key elements.

I’ve been following along the Sri Lankan producer’s releases for the past few months now, and have been waiting for him to release a track such as this. Dropwizz is talented, he is dedicated to his music, and most importantly, he isn’t afraid to push the limits of the scene, and it is the combination of all of these factors that lead me to see his potential. Looking forward to following (and listening to) this young producer’s success in 2014. Hit up his social media pages and don’t forget your free download below!

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Download: Kaskade – Room For Happiness (Dropwizz Remix)

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