Introducing: FYER – Heart Success (Superb Guitar/Electronic Combo) [Free Download]


Since 2013 was the year of “big room everything sounds the damn same” in electronic music… I want to introduce you to an electronic duo that not only will blow your mind, but pave the way for creative producers in 2014.

When Chuckie brought Slash out at Ultra last year, it turned some heads. Not enough so, however, for more producers/DJ’s to infuse live instruments in their performances/recordings. I mean some did (Avicii), but if you look at what the majority of the EDM world threw us, it all kinda sounded the same.

Meeting by complete chance in line at a bank, the electronic producer Bobby Duque and the insane guitar/keyboard shredder Gabriel Guardian combined forces to make FYER. EDM needs somewhat of a sound change, and by God this is it.

Download: FYER – Heart Success

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