Kanye West Proves That Kim Kardashian Isn’t A Hobbit In South Park Season Finale

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Last night Kanye West got spoofed yet again on the South Park Season Finale. He came back as not Aquaman but “a recovering gay fish.” Kanye was there to prove to the kids of South Park that Kim Kardashian was not a hobbit and that the new Hobbit movie was not about her. That was just one of the many spoofs such as Kanye interrupting Pope Francis when he received Time’s Person Of The Year award. The best parody of the night had to go to the “Bound 2” recreation that South Park did. The first clip was of horses running and I knew what was to follow. Instead of the actual words though, it was Kanye just trying to prove Kim wasn’t a hobbit. That’s love right there. With all this craziness most are expecting a crazy tirade onslaught coming from Kanye, so go to the next stop on the Yeezus tour if you can.



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