Ron Burgundy & Robin Thicke – Ride Like The Wind

This could be the best duet my ears have ever heard. Ron Burgundy AKA Will Ferrell has been doing many promotional items for his upcoming blockbuster ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ such as riding with Daft Punk or doing hilarious commercials for the Dodge Durango. Well for the soundtrack of Anchorman 2 it looks like Burgundy and Robin Thicke have come together to make music gold. Also the two want to do a music video and it will take $100,000 to do it. Apparently that’s how much it costs for Thicke to get out of a previous engagement and to get it to Kimmel for the two to perform ‘Ride Like The Wind.’

Preorder the Anchorman 2 Soundtrack here.

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