Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Viceroy Remix) [Free Download]


The one thing you can always count on Viceroy for is putting you in a good mood. Every time I listen to one of his productions, I’m instantly teleported to a beach or some kind of tropical getaway where I’m bathing in the sun while sipping on a piña colada. This time Viceroy takes on Strange Talk’sClimbing Walls” and adds his signature feel-good vibe to it. Considering most of us are either in the middle of finals or just approaching them, he could not have picked a better time to release this tune. So take a break from staring at words on a page since, let’s be honest, you’re going to have to re-read that page anyways, and de-stress yourself with this free jam.

Download: Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Viceroy Remix)

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