Jetpack Jones – The Third Eye Initiative (Mixtape) (Prod. by Brock Berrigan)


If there’s anything for me to be proud of thus far in my blog career of not even 2 years, it would have to be finding and continually supporting LA’s own Jetpack Jones. Back once again is the man himself who burst onto the scene and hasn’t let off that gas pedal one bit. Jetpack can best be described as consistent and constantly progressing.
The Third Eye Initiative is the latest full project from Jetpack Jones which stays so true to his laidback style, yet continues the so real story telling he’s come to be known for. As soon as I started playing this mixtape, I found myself not wanting to stop and needing to listen to the mixtape in full before doing anything else. Also gotta give mad props to Brock Berrigan who produced the entire mixtape and every single beat is fresh and exactly Jetpack Jones’ style. Halfway through listening I had completely forgotten I was listening to multiple productions by the same producer as every beat is stylistically unique.

This is true hip-hop. Dope beats, story telling lyrics, and a strong flow. As i’m listening to most of these songs I can’t help but think that it’s exactly what should be playing on Power 106 (LA’s premier hip-hop station). As the Jetpack Movement and his fanbase steadily grow larger with every release, the sky really is the limit for Jetpack Jones. This tape is really as chill as it gets as far as hip-hop goes, and it would be a crime for me not to support this music. I’m continually amazed at how quick he turns out these mixtapes but the high quality music I’ve come to expect is always there and he keeps raising the bar. I’d give some recommended songs but the project is best in its entirety. Go ahead and listen, you’ll be glad you did. With that said, I’m out. Bout to go cruise down Sunset Boulevard sipping on my Arizona Iced Tea and blasting this mixtape, patiently awaiting for the weekend to come.


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