Deadmau5 Set To Launch New Music Site And Answers Questions About It On Reddit

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Well played Joel, well played. Deadmau5 took to Reddit today, announcing the launch of a new music sharing service that could look similar to soundcloud (Mau5cloud??). The logistics of the service are still very vague, but Deadmau5 did mention he would be doing live streams on the site, which would be cool. In the Q&A, someone asked how much it would cost and Joel responded with this:

As of right now, i have no idea… we did have some talk about a ‘3 tier system’ that grant users a certain level of access… like one for just photos and ‘tweets’…. another for those + music downloads, and a top tier for all that + live streams. BUT THEN…. i jumped up on the boardroom table grabbed my manager by his fat head and said “NO! FUCK YOU! THATS A STUPID IDEA” then round housed him all the way back to geocities…

Looks like we’re all in for another Deadmau5 surprise when the site drops within the next 24 hours, but until then, all we can do is speculate and wonder what tricks Joel has up his sleeves this time.

Read the Q&A Reddit Article here.

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