Kanye West Rants About Bruno Mars, The MTV VMAs, Nike & More On Yeezus Tour; UPDATE Possible Adidas Collab

If Kanye West hadn’t called his tour the “Yeezus Tour,” he probably should’ve gone with the second choice of “I’m Going To Rant About Ish That Pisses Me Off…Tour.” Yes, yet again West is taking a break from rapping on stage to tell us what he really feels. This time around it was on a wide range of topics. In an over ten minute video Kanye sounded off about Bruno Mars wining the “Best Male Video” award over Drake at the VMAs, Oprah Winfrey, his issues with Nike, not being invited to fashion shows, and how some blogs spread negativity. Make sure you grab tickets for the Yeezus Tour because maybe you’ll get to witness some rants first hand!

*Update* With Kanye’s recent rant about Nike and their CEO Mark Parker, there are rumors spreading that Yeezy is in the midst of a collaboration with Adidas.

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