Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone (Interactive Music Video)


Bob Dylan’s name floating around in 2014 is special and what makes his music even cooler is this interactive web-site. While you listen to Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, you can browse through channels that would appear to be mute TV stations . The first channel stars rapper, Danny Brown, and the further channels are remixes videos too. This interactive TV stream was released to spread the word about Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection, Vol. 1, which is a commemorating ‘box-set’ release for the 1960s music legend. Check out the music video’s via the link below and credits are after the jump.

Watch This Video!

View Credits:
// Music 1 Classics
Filmed by D.A. Pennebaker, Edited by David Tedeschi

// Music 1 BASS
Starring Danny Brown
Animation: Dima Tretyakov, Nadav Embon

// Shop TV
Female Host: Darly Wayne
Male: Steve Garfanti

// History Network
Prof. Martin Child: Martin Pfefferkorn
Prof. Sarah MatterHorn: Victoria Nahorn
Dr. Michael Ryder: Joseph Cornacchia
1930’s Don Juan: Roy Kafri

// Love Is Love
Male Lead: Ben Kahre
Female Lead: Kat Seelos
Waitress: Susan Feiman

// Bachelor’s Rose
Perla Murray
Anastasia Vazhava
Ty Hayes
Chi Chi Obi
Nadine Van Ashbeck
The Bachelor: Soren Du Hoffman

// MTC- Financial News
Anchor: Paul McGuire
Field Reporter: Marisa Bramwell
Producer: Kerry Vaughan

// Cooking Show
Host: Adeena Sussman

// Pawn Stars
Rick Harrison
Austin “Chumlee” Russell
Seller: Derek Stonebarger

// Look TV
Host: Victoria Floethe

// Girl Code (On Look TV)
Hosts: Carly Aquilino, Nessa, Nicole Byer, Jessimae Peluso,

// The Price Is Right
Drew Carey
Rachel Reynolds
George Gray
Contestants: Ty Fanning, Theresa Robinson, Jason Sarayba

// Maron (WTF)
Marc Maron & Ryan Singer

// Tennis Match
Anchor: Steve Levy
Diovesky: Shahar Rot
Plotnivich: Doron Amit
Bench: Niv Majar, Nimrod Rothem

// Property Brothers
Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott
Boyfriend: Michael Davies
Girlfriend: Jennifer McKune
Sub Contractor: David Banks

// Zoey and Socks – JUST FOR KIDS
Animation: Leigh Lahav

// Bcc News
Anchor: Danny Kushmaro
Weather: Gemma Harvey

Producer: Tim McHugh

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