Bodega Bamz – Don Francisco (Electric Bodega Official Remix)

electric bodega_bodega bamz_don francisco remix

The Staten Island producer, remixer, trapper extraordinaires Electric Bodega have been consistently taking the Internet by storm. This week they linked up with Bodega Bamz to release the Don Francisco remix and Twitter has been going nuts! It’s crazy because Bamz was riding in his car up in Harlem and Cipha Sounds premiered the record on Hot 97 on Saturday, which had led Bamz to reach out on Twitter to make this the official remix. Carnage had produced the original, but now that Mr. Chipotle has retired from the music industry it looks like Electric Bodega is willing to take his position. So artists, make social media your best friend and don’t rant and rave about why things aren’t going your way.

Download: Bodega Bamz – Don Francisco (Electric Bodega Official Remix)

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