Childish Gambino Performs New Song “Shadows” On Arsenio Hall And Talks About His Future

This must be the chillest interview and performance of all time. Childish Gambino was on the Arsenio Hall show recently and Gambino just seems like the type of dude you could talk to for hours and just feel so dang insightful. Gambino touches on topics like his Instagram, leaving Community, and even how coding is an important skill. He just seems to have all the answers that leave you going, YES. After the interview Childish proceeded to debut a new song off his album, “because the internet,” from his seat on Arsenio’s couch. The track is titled “Shadows” and it was sensational as always. Check out Gambino’s tracklist for ‘because the internet’ and it comes out December 10th.

Check out the rest of the interview here!

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