Drake And His Dad Have A Collaboration In The Works


Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, told TMZ recently that he has recorded a track with Drizzy. That’s right the former drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, and his son have a collab. Earlier this year before ‘Nothing Was The Same’ dropped, it was reported that the father-son duo would have a track on NWTS titled, “Heat Of The Moment.” The song never got on as did a few others so be on the lookout for more releases from Drake in the near future.

Drake had an XXL interview earlier in August and this is what he had to say about his pops, “My dad is a star,” Drake said in an interview with XXL. “That’s what you have to understand. I can call my dad right now and be like, ‘Yo, dad, I need you to fly to shoot.’ He’s always down. I’m living my dad’s dream. My dad wanted to be a famous singer. I have my dad on another bonus record on the album called ‘Heat Of The Moment.’ It’s a real relationship. Not to be ironic, we go through the motions of a father-son relationship. Right now, he happens to be extremely stable and content, and I take care of what I can for him. All he wants to do is go to Beale Street in Memphis and play music. He’s rediscovered his passion for music and for being a musician.”

Check out the video below of Graham affirming he and his son have a track together.

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