Master P – Lonely Road [No Limit Records]

Master P has done it all in his career, from Rapping, to playing in the NBA,to becoming a sports agent. After so much success you’d think he wouldn’t have time to make anymore music, but out of the blue he graced us with this sweet sounding song titled, “Lonely Road”. Master P flows well over on this track and reflects on himself overcoming adversities in his career. Not sure if this is a single release or where it will end up but its definitely worth checking out.

Master P stated, “It’s a lonely road to success, but I’m all too familiar with that road. The music industry has evolved, independent artists have more opportunities to win in this industry if they’re willing to work hard. I’ve dedicated my time, re-introduced myself and increased
my fan base with this new generation of music buyers. The key is creating hit records like the Lonely Road, my first single off the Limited Edition The Gift Album which hits stores December 6th. I get better with time… there’s No Limit to what you can do if you’re not afraid to sacrifice, put in
the work and never give up. This new album isn’t about me, I’m just using my gift of music to inspire my people.”

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