Clinton VanSciver – Indie Anna Jones ft. Queen B (Remixes)

Beatport: Clinton VanSciver – Indie Anna Jones (Remixes)

Al though I don’t get half of Clinton VanSciver‘s jokes on Twitter (read) he is still without a doubt one of my favorite rising producers from Los Angeles. I mean, it’s real special because just over a year ago when I had just barely started my blogging career, and Clinton was the first artist I actually ever interviewed as well as me to him (Clinton vanSciver – Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 Interview).

Since then he has built up upon his resumé by crossing off such names as Armin van Buuren and Steve Aoki off the list. Not to mention running a record label (Prep School Recordings) all in between. I guess with so much going for Clinton, he just had to release some new music, but not from himself. Here, in this remix EP you can find an electro-deep-dubsteppy-house blend of remixes by Dirty Disco Youth, Marc Benjamin, Gold Top, Dr. Fresch, We Bang, and EioN.

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