2Unlimited – Get Ready 2013 (Steve Aoki Extended Mix)


Forever will this song remind me of the good old days when the skies were golden and I had nothing to worry about other than my youth running out without even realizing so. Also, since I pretty much live next to Magic Mountain (Six Flags) all I can be reminded of is the old crazy man in a black suit dancing off some magic school bus or whatever. Anyways, this song was originally released back in 1991 (1990 mf 1)* and was appropriately remixed by the Asian jesus himself, Steve Aoki.

As I know most visitors of this site are somewhat music snobs and would rate this below average considering all the small talk of Steve Aoki not being a “real DJ” or “a clown who goes on stage and throws cakes” but do we not forget what we’re all for in this scene? dance. People want to f*cking dance their pants off and that’s exactly what Steve Aoki turned this classic dance track into. Actually, the original melody gets me hyped, but the dropped just ensues jumping and yelling (and cakes).

Beatport: 2Unlimited – Get Ready (Remixes)

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