Krewella x Ask Men’s #KREWLIFE Dare Edition: Jahan Goes On Blind Date, Rainman Does Karaoke, and Yasmine Hustles Mixtapes & Raps

krewella krewlife askmen 3 dares

Krewella is back with another #KREWLIFE. And this shit is hysterical on all levels.

Jahan goes on her blind date picked out by Yasmine and Kris, while Yazzy tells her what dares to do, so they obviously end up getting trashed. Then Rainman offers up his rendition of “Alive” and ends up telling everyone to grab their dicks. And finally, Yasmine is dared to turn to rap and hustle a mixtape at 3 am and it is damn funny.

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WATCH Krewella x Ask Men’s #KREWLIFE Dare Edition below:

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