Hyper Crush ‘Vertigo’ Album Trailer

Hyper Crush will be releasing their third studio album, ‘Vertigo‘, October 15th, 2013, on Night Wave Records.’Vertigo’ will consist of 10 songs, written and produced by Hyper Crush, with “Rage” as the first single off the album. As the group’s sound continues to evolve around it’s original, party-oriented style ‘Vertigo’ will be a classic Hyper Crush album, offering a range of music from mid-tempo tracks to club bangers. ‘Vertigo’ is available for pre-order on iTunes and special CD by Hyper Crush now!

Pre-Order: Hyper Crush – Vertigo (Album)

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Instagram: @HYPERCRUSH

Hyper Crush’s Artwork for ‘Vertigo

Hyper Crush - Vertigo (Album)

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