Krewella – Get Wet (Full Album Stream) [Out Now]


Krewella‘s debut studio album, Get Wet, officially hits the shelves in less than a week! But you can hear it today.

Ever since our first mention of the Krew, followed by “One Minute,” all of us here at FITA, and all of you have followed their road to stardom with much love and anticipation. Since then, you’ve received TONS of free music from them. Most recently with #GetWetWednesdays. And many of you have already supported their EP release, Play Hard which featured the radio single “Alive.”

You’ve watched them sign a major record deal with none other than Columbia Records.

Of course by now they’ve toured the country, headlined some giant stages, absolutely killed it at Ultra, etc. Most of us have raged with them, many more than once. And they’re even on tour again now with LIVE vocals!

And all though this is truly just the beginning, all the hype finally culminates in Get Wet.


The trio made up of Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Kris Trindl, along with their managerial duo of Jake Udell and Nathan Lim (and everyone else who’s been involved the last few years) have put in immeasurable hours to make this release something special.

Their latest single “Live For The Night” is huge, as is the the pre-order single “We Go Down.” And if you’ve pre-ordered the album you’ve heard snippets of every single track. They’ve even brought together Travis Barker (Blink 182) and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) on the same track on the album. How nuts is that?

I guess the only thing that remains now is… are you ready to hear it in it’s entirety???

OUT NOW!!!!!!: [iTunes]


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