Avicii – Canyons + All You Need Is Love [Spotify Exclusive Tracks]


So the album spread throughout the internet today when it went up for sale in New Zealand. And our stream lasted a solid 25 minutes before their management/label (who cc’d their attorney) hit us up for an immediate takedown… Anyway, as many of you have probably expected, Avicii‘s True album will be streaming on Spotify. And it will have 2 additional songs!

He’s bringing back “All You Need Is Love” of course in the final, mastered form, and also “Canyons” both of which you can hear below. It also looks like there will be a third track not previously known from the tracklist, “Always On The Run” which will be available for purchase in Germany. Wouldn’t be surprised if more of these regional exclusives started popping up, I wouldn’t hold it passed Ash for that marketing ploy, as it would work! Album out in just a few days, can’t wait to see how they go about the final push. Meanwhile, preview the original 12 tracks here.

Pre-Order: Avicii – True (Album)

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