Mutrix’s “Guns” Coming Soon, Enter The Artwork Design Contest, While Listening to his “Back 2 Skewl” Mix [Free Download]

Mutrix is ready to release some ridiculously raw material – probably his best and biggest to date! “Guns” will be released soon as a free download and will for sure blow you away. You can hear a preview of it in the video above, where you will find a hilarious attempt by James acting like a hardass, and eventually giving up (just kidding we luv u) as he announces a design contest for the artwork to the new track!

The deadline is September 20th, and you can get the official photos you can use here.

And to get you in the right state of mind, he also just released his “Back 2 Skewl” mix. Included in this 1 hour mix is an assortment of tunes to listen to while you try to work off that beer gut, drink your way to that beer gut, or just need something to jam out to while your cramming for exams.

Right off the bat, Mutrix slams you with his energetic remix of Krewella’s hit, “Killin’ It” to wake you up for that dreaded 8 am. Not many producers have an ear and knack to do so, but Mutrix has the ability to also kick it down a notch and fill in with mellow remixes from MitiS (who he’s about to be on tour with) and others.

There’s something that will appeal to everyone in “Back 2 Skewl“, whether you’re a trap fiend or hardstyle fanatic. It’s a free download too so be sure to grab it.

Download: Mutrix – Back 2 Skewl Mix

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