Introducing: Drezo (Exclusive Interview + Free Download)


Drezo, 22 years of age, residing in sunny Los Angeles. Here, you can discover a little bit about Drezo as I ask him a few questions about himself and things all around dance music. As some may notice, it’s not often is that you come across electronic producers from the lower westcoast area, even though Los Angeles is considered one of the meccas of dance music in North America (next to Las Vegas of course).

As hard as Los Angeles producers come by, even more rare for a producer who’s not only been putting in work on remixes, originals, etc. but as well as shows all around. In fact, if you’re into exotic trips across the ocean you can catch Drezo playing at The Groove Cruise, September 27-30th. Until then read up more about the upcoming artist and grab the free track as there will be many more on the way.

Download: Drezo – Rogue (Original Mix)



Brief introduction of yourself

I’m a 22 year old with an avid passion for house music. I grew up in Phoenix, but I am now based in Los Angeles. I’ve been DJing/Producing for four years.

How you were introduced to dance music and producing?

I have always listened to forms of dance music as I grew up thanks to my mom. A lot of different genres influence me. I started DJing and I realized I wasn’t going to be any different than the handful of other local inspiring DJ’s if I didn’t start producing. I locked myself in my room working on production, and a few years later, here I am.

What’s the meaning behind your name?

My actual name is Andreas, but I’ve always gone by ‘Andre’ for short. I picked up the nickname ‘Dre’ in high school from a few of my peers, and so “Drezo” was sort of derived from that.

Who are some of your inspirations?

I draw inspiration from numerous artists so it’s hard to pinpoint a select few. Anyone who works hard or has passion motivates me.

What are some of your favorite go to plugins?

Zeta+2, Massive, Sylenth are definitely my favorite soft synths. I use a lot of distortion/saturation techniques as well so I really enjoy Ohmnicide/Camelphat.

Thoughts on America’s future with dance music?

A lot of people have negative things to say about the scene here, usually it being too mainstream. But in my opinion there is a great underground scene here that a lot of talented people are coming up in. You just have to look for it past the bullshit.

What do you think about social medias role in dance music?

Uh, ITS HUGE. It has the ability to jumpstart genres (Moombah). I mean that in itself is ridiculous. However, a lot of social media outlets don’t know their power, and report on a lot of BS which I think weakens the scene. It’s a topic though that could be discussed for hours.

What’s a regular day for you?

IF I’m home.. On a regular day I’ll wake up, work on music, feed myself, work on more music, and then try to go outside or be active for an hour at least. And then I’ll work on some more music.

Some of your favorite songs?

There’s way too many to count and I’m way too picky to categorize. My favorite at the moment though would be Baadman – Stab (Madame Remix).

Explain to us your sound and why people should listen to your music?

My sound is House. I dive into every sub-genre of House in my productions (Deep, Tech, Electro, Progressive, etc). Lately, I’ve been really loving minimal/techno style stuff as well. A lot of people, I think, would consider my newest tunes to be ‘Minimal Electro.’ The only reason you should listen to my music is if you like it.

Plans for the future

All my tour dates and ticket info can be found on my Facebook, I will be opening for some major artists the rest of September at various clubs around the US, as well as performing on The Groove Cruise LA which travels to Mexico. I have a LOT of new music coming out as well. Some will be free while others will be official releases. Stay updated and follow my Twitter/Facebook to keep up with everything.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!