Geezy ft. Dizmak – We Came Here To Party [Free Download]


Although most dance music snobs and enthusiasts believe that dubstep is “dead”, I for one have to heavily disagree. Geezy, also heavily disagrees as well. As you hear in the appropriately titled track ‘We Came Here To Party‘ it starts of at the traditional kick snare boom bass drop perfect for the back and forth headbanging against the rail as these disgusting growl synths and sub-bass woofs throughout your body. Second part of the track turns into an instant mosh-pit instigator as the track speeds up to around 170BPM only leaving those who can handle the rage into a free for all.

Fun fact here as well that Geezy is also known as the notorious U.K. hardcore producer Gammer. So, for those who were part of that older generation of rave scene I highly suggest checking out Gammer‘s SoundCloud as well for some 2013 influenced happy hardcore and drum & bass (link). Also, for more free downloads and releases to get your bass fix up be sure to check out independent record label DUSTLA (here).

Download: Geezy ft. Dizmak – We Came Here To Party

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