Ørjan Nilsen – No Saint Out Of Me (Exclusive Interview + Album Stream)


Off fresh from his set in Berlin, Deutschland for A State of Trance 629, Ørjan Nilsen is looking to continue his high streak with his 2nd album release ‘No Saint Out of Me‘. With previous tracks such as ‘XIING‘ and ‘Violetta‘ released and played throughout the past 6 months to collaborating with notable singers such as the infamous Christina Novelli and best kept secret, Adam Young.

Although, trance is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea here at Fist In The Air, but there are definite good amount of you trance lovers out there that would love to hear what Ørjan Nilsen had to say in response to a few questions we emailed him in our very special interview with the Norwegian star.

iTunes: Ørjan Nilsen – No Saint Out Of Me (Album)


Ørjan Nilsen

What’s something about you that your fans may not know?

I am afraid of Wasps, i once stepped into a hive when i was younger. I am allergic to all things furry, yet i still love them all, even cats!

How do you go about a normal day? Whether it’s at home or on the road

At home my day revolves around two things, my daughter and studiowork, and then i try to relax as much as possible. i hang out with a few friends, i try to live a normal life.

On the road, i like my coffee, my updates from home, i try to remain involved.

Best and worst thing about being on the road?

The worst thing by far is being away from my daughter, and then the planes, i don’t mind flying in general, there is just a lot of it, thankfully the best thing about this job is that when i arrive at a new country, a new venue and meet new people, some of the negatives goes away, and i get to share my passion with people.

How is the dance scene in Norway?

It’s a bit small, used to be big, but now its coming back, we have a bright future up here!

What do you’d be doing if you didn’t take a career path in music?

Air Traffic Controller, or maybe Pilot, i considered becoming a doctor, but because of my brothers illness i got turned away from that.

What’s 1 track you always love playing in your sets?

My own tracks ‘Endymion’ and ‘Viking’ its a toss up between the two!

What’s some of the major differences you’ve seen in trance music in the past years?

It has become more accessible, lots of people buying into it, it might not sound like 2004, but the vibe and the feeling at events are certainly there!

Where do you think the future of electronic music is going?

It will be very bright, i can see into the future, but i have a really good feeling about things!

Do you still use the Virus for most of your synths?

Yes! i love it! – couldn’t live without it.

How often do you get writers block? How do you overcome it

I’ve been fortunate enough that it doesn’t seem to happen that often, I just dont force it guess, if i need a break, i take a break – it can be a pain to people if i miss deadlines. – also i like to try out different things, it is important to keep it fun!

Which track(s) did you have the most fun producing on your album?

It’s a toss up between the mayhem of ‘This Traktor’ and the different vibe of ‘In The Air’!

Although i had a huge blast producing them all.

How was working with one of the vocalist from Owl City?

Working with Adam was fantastic, we’ve wanted to do something for a while, i had this demo that I did not know what to do with, when the thought hit me to just let him have a go at it, he went for it right away, and the result quite simply blew me away!

For a general audience such as ours, who aren’t too familiar with trance music, what’s one thing you would say that would make them become more interested?

You will be unable to stand still, and you will not be able to wipe that smile off your face!

Aside from the upcoming album, what else can we expect from you in the future?

Lots of stuff, new singles, a lot of touring, – i’ll be very very busy!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!