Lush & Simon (Free Downloads + Exclusive Interview)


Lush & Simon, have been racking up noise for quite a while in the dance music community. Bootlegging tracks such as ‘Atom‘ to their latest with ‘Reload‘ it is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the two are some what may call it “upcoming progressive house stars”. But, don’t take my word for it, the duo out of Milan, Italy have been played out by not the one and only Tiësto, but as well as Hardwell, Carnage, Bingo Players, Gareth Emery etc.

As an avid listener (sucker) for progressive and catchy melodies, whenever mentioned, Lush & Simon always crack my top 5. Why? Quality over quantity. I wouldn’t just say that all of their tracks are “good for listening” just due to the fact that I would play one of their tracks if I were to be in a car or room full of people who are not as familiar with dance music, but once you get a chance to really notice the engineering and elements within each track that make it complete.

Bright lights for the Lush & Simon, as I’ve had the up-most honor to give them their first ever interview to find out more about themselves personally and as artists. As you continue on to read, take a listen to the playlist and download what you like. Also, get a full instrumental preview of their latest unreleased track ‘City of Lights‘. It’s going to be big.

Download: Lush & Simon (Remixes feat. Sebastian Ingrosso, One Republic, Krewella, Zedd)


Lush & Simon

Brief introduction of yourselves

Hi guys and thanks for this interview! We are Lush & Simon, a crazy duo from Milan who loves producing music.

How did you guys meet each other?

Simon: It’s been 4 years ago when I heard a nice remix from Lush, so I contacted him on Facebook and we started to talk on Windows Live Messenger. Old memories.

Lush: He showed me some of his unfinished tracks. I liked them so we decided to collaborate. And he became not only the guy who works with me but also my best friend. I think this is the typical way of meeting for young producers nowadays. Internet, Facebook and stuff.

How did you both get introduced to dance music and eventually producing it?

Simon: I was 13 when I started to listen dance music on some Italian radio stations and I immediately fell in love with this kind of music. I couldn’t get out of my mind those songs. Then, when I was 17, I discovered a magical software called: FL Studio. It was so intuitive and easy to use; so in some months I’ve made my first beats and melodies.

Lush: I started listening dance and trance music when I heard for the first time Tiesto. I just was obsessed of dance music, so I decided to create my own at the age of 18 and i met FL Studio.

Who inspires you through and outside music?

We have a lot of inspirations in common, especially inside the music. We listen every kind of music (Simon used to play in a punk rock band before producing). We really love the music from the Doors, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and many others. Inside the EDM our main inspirations right now are Hardwell, Tiesto, Sick Individuals, DubVision, Dyro and some legends like Daft Punk and Justice.

What’s the dance scene like in Italy?

Well we have a lot of great producers known internationally (Daddy’s Groove, Benny Benassi, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Nari & Milani, Promise Land) and many others upcoming, like Merk & Kremont, Delayers, Bisbetic, but it’s really hard being noticed in Italy where all the dance scene is still occupied by the old glories of the 90’s. And most clubs don’t want to invest on young and almost unknown (in Italy) people although we see some change this year that gives us hope for the future.

What’s a regular day for you both?

Lush: Generally I use to live the night and in the afternoon just hard work in the studio (when I can I eat something). Unusual to see me in the morning!

Simon: I’m still studying at the university so during the day I’m at school but as soon as possible I go to the studio with Lush where we work hard for many and many hours.

What’s the chemistry like between you two? (in and outside the studio)

We know we’re saying something banal but the most important thing is the friendship! When we are in the studio we have a lot of fun and this is what matters for us. Fun and music.

How did Tiësto stumble upon one of your bootlegs?

The first bootleg he played was “Atom (Lush & Simon remix)”. We sent to his email this bootleg the evening we finished it, he liked it and after 2 weeks he played it. It’s amazing how big djs like Tiesto spend their time supporting young and upcoming producers! So we must say thank you Tiesto.

How does it feel some of the top DJs in the world are supporting your tunes?

It’s an amazing feeling. The first time Tiesto played a bootleg from us we was at home reading the tracklists from the most famous radioshows. When we read that the legend played our bootleg we litterally fell off our chair. Not kidding!

What do you think about the social medias role in dance music?

It’s really really important nowadays. An artist can be easily in touch with all his fans and this is amazing, the artist seems more a “human, after all”.

What can we expect from you guys in the future? (releases, remixes, tour)

We have a lot of new tracks and stuff like “City of lights”, “Adrenaline” and others which will be released later this year but we can’t tell anything yet. Keep following us on our social networks to be always in touch with us.

Tell us what you love most about the music and culture of dance music.

We always loved the feeling that the dance music and dance melodies give us. It’s such amazing! And we love seeing all that crazy crowd dancing and jumping with our or other songs. It’s like a magic moment, something you can’t live in the real life. Something you never forget.

Thank you guys for having and supporting us! Keep following us on our social medias, we have a lot of new material coming up!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!