Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Vaski, Glow Team, Dotcom, Pegboard Nerds, and much more)

Welcome back to another great installment of Womp Womp Wednesday. I will be filling in for this installment while we are looking for a full time Womp Womp Wednesday blogger. Above is an awesome video of Marquese Scott‘s dance tribute to Michael Jackson; and of course it’s womp-friendly! Now let’s talk about some songs; today we have tracks from Vaski, Glow Team, Dotcom, Twofold, Direktor, Stabby & Poizon, SquidThief, RoughMath, Psycaudio, Tremorr, Skrux & Bone N Skin, and an EP from Pegboard Nerds!


Womp Womp Wednesday 9/4 in a .ZIP Folder

Download: Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro (Vaski Remix)

Download: Ellie Goulding – Burn (Glow Team Remix)

Download: Dotcom – Chain Swangin

Download: Datsik – Cold Blooded (Twofold Remix)

Download: Prostecutioner – Chainsaw (Direktor Remix)

Download: Stabby & Poizon – Stratos

Download: Dub Scout – Stethoscope (SquidThief Remix)

Download: Jarvis – Home ft. Ivy Jayne (RoughMath Remix)

Download: Psycaudio – The Way She Moves (Original Mix)

Download: MoTh – KIll (Tremorr Remix)

Download: Tremorr – Seismic Charges (Original Mix)

Download: Skrux & Bone N Skin – After Dark (Original Mix)

Download: Pegboard Nerds – FrainBreeze

Download: Pegboard Nerds – Close Encounter

Download: Pegboard Nerds – 20K

Download: Pegboard Nerds – Lawless

Download: Pegboard Nerds – Revenge Of The Nerds (VIP)

Download: Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!