Deadmau5 Instagrams “Unreleased 2013 Recap” … But What Is It Really?


Andddddd, we’re back to the game of cat and Mau5. Last night Deadmau5 instagramed an image of 15 .WAV files in which he titled the post “Unreleased 2013 Recap“. Of those 15 files, only two of them have not been released which begs the question, what’s going on in the mind of Joel? But then again, we ask ourselves that question all the time…

It’s been close to a year since Deadmau5 release his last album – “Album Title Goes Here“, so is this a ploy to get the attention of an upcoming album? Who knows? Then again there’s the off chance that Joel is being Joel, and has actually been teasing his next album with all of these releases…” Only time will tell. Tracklist, with links, after the jump!

In the meantime check out his latest track Pets 1&2…some of the best Mau5 we’ve heard in a long time!

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1. All I Have
2. Arcadia
3. Coelecanth
4. Cthulhu something (Unrelased)
5. Ice Age Remix
6. Mercedes
7. My Pet Coelecanth
8. Nyquist
9. Pets
10. Pig Cart Racer
11. Somewhere Up Here
12. Suckfest9001
13. Survivalism
14. Terrors In My Bed
15. Your Ad Here (Unreleased)

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