Electric Zoo Festival Canceled After 2 Reportedly Die From Drug Use


A little less bummed that we weren’t approved for press this year (after we got it last year)? MADE Events and city official announced the closing due to 2 deaths, which they believe were due to Molly, which most of the festival goers in 2013 have found. But looks like 2 of them found too much. Our condolences go out to family and friends of those affected, and of course the fans and artists who are unable to play.

“The founders of Electric Zoo send our deepest condolences to the families of the two people who passed away this weekend. Because there is nothing more important to us than our patrons, we have decided in consultation with the New York City Parks Department that there will be no show today.”

“During the first two days of the Electric Zoo music festival, two concert-goers have died and at least four others became critically ill and have been placed in intensive care at area hospitals. Definitive causes of death have not yet been determined, however, both appear to have involved the drug MDMA (ecstasy, or molly).”

On a side note, but also Molly (and other drug related), check out this video of a girl rolling around in a thong in mud at NCMF.

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