Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Calvin Harris Remix) [Preview]


Calvin Harris remixes an Empire Of The Sun track that’s not called “Alive” – their second single “DNA” and uploaded a lengthy preview to Soundcloud. No word on it’s release date.

In other news, Calvin Harris recently blasted a “fan” who called him out for “selling out” and not playing anything “original” and you gotta hear the response from 4th richest celebrity under 30, which you can do so after the jump.

“WHO’S SHOW DID YOU COME TO?…It’s a FUCKING SHIT SHOW..Why do you come to a fucking Calvin Harris show where Calvin Harris is DJing and don’t want to hear a fucking Calvin Harris record you DUMB FUCKING BITCH… I’m going to play this record all night just for you…. Its going to play again and again until you tell me fuck off and never come back… What’s wrong with you? This girl needs to be removed from the club…….” I FEEL SO CLOSE TO YOU RIGHT NOW

Watch: Calvin Harris setting a fan straight after he was called out:

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