Krewella – We Go Down + ‘Get Wet’ Album Pre-Order


With Krewella‘s Get Wet album less than a month away, and us learning the entire tracklist yesterday, we can expect some serious promo going forward. The album is set to go up for pre-order tonight (8/27), and when you do so you get “We Go Down” for FREE! And here is that track, #2 on the album.

Update! it’s now on iTunes, and you can pre-order it below to make sure you can hear it the second it’s out, and of course you get “We Go Down” for FREE today when you do so. Just be sure to NOT “complete album” if you’ve already purchased “Live For The Night” or it own’t get you this new single, you must purchase it entirely.

Pre-order: Krewella – Get Wet (Album), Receive “We Go Down” for FREE!

Krewella – Get Wet (Tracklist)

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Krewella - We Go Down + 'Get Wet' Album Pre-Order, 9.1 out of 10 based on 132 ratings
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