Avicii Ft. Pitbull – Wake Me Up (Remix) [CDQ]

Avicii Ft. Pitbull - Wake Me Up (Remix)

By now, you’ve all probably heard the atrocity that Pitbull performed… “remixing” Avicii‘s super hit “Wake Me Up” further proving that he does not belong anywhere near a mic. How does someone get the idea to do something like this? Like, what goes through his head? First Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky and now this? And that half smirk, quarter grin, wannabe Dr. Evil expression he has going on just makes me want to punch him. The saddest thing about this, is that there’s word this is an official remix? #facepalm. Anyway, here’s the CDQ version for some f*cked up reason. And no, it doesn’t sound any better.

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Avicii Ft. Pitbull - Wake Me Up (Remix) [CDQ], 1.7 out of 10 based on 385 ratings
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